Short Module: Weekend at Strahd’s (Anthony Joyce & Oliver Clegg): 5 Stars

Short Module: Weekend at Strahd’s (Anthony Joyce & Oliver Clegg): 5 Stars

October 4, 2019 0 By Realmwarp Media

Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg created this adventure under duress. They apologize in advance for the abomination that follows. May Asmodeus have mercy on their souls.


Weekend at Strahd’s is a hilarious, short sequel to Curse of Strahd by Anthony Joyce and Oliver Clegg, two of the best authors on the guild. As an adventure that takes itself only as seriously as it deserves, WaS is an eminently funny romp through the 80’s as the party gets Rick Rolled and Breakfast Clubbed through the process of destroying Strahd’s body. There are hardly words enough to describe the epic proportions of joy which this adventure brings, but whether it’s through new mechanics, the accompanying playlist, or the sheer overflow of nostalgia washing over the table, Weekend at Strahds is the most refreshing and comically innovative opportunity to hit the Dmsguild in a long time.

What Worked

Fun. The whole adventure is based around fun, and it encompasses pretty much all the following points. However, one of the most fun aspects are the two additional mechanics the authors introduce, which basically makes this a low stakes drinking game death house. The only real concern of the adventure is to have fun, because any negative consequence that might befall your character is really just in the name of fun. Here’s what I mean.

– New Koke. New Koke is the drinking game aspect of the game. Every person brings a drink and adds it to a punch bowl. Once per location, each player can take a drink to gain a benefit (advantage, etc.). I should probably note that the rules don’t actually state this as an alcoholic drink… so i’ll leave the contents of it up to your tables’ imagination.

– DeathYour characters are pretty much guaranteed to die. The good news is, death is only temporary! When you die, you pop back up on your next turn with half your hit points. The character with the most deaths gets a prize at the end, so take chances, make mistakes, and find all the traps!

Encounters. The encounters have a lot of variety while still being exceptionally fun, dropping a ton of 80’s references, advancing the plot, and being quite deadly. Whether it’s holding a prom, escaping from the fire in St. Elmo’s chapel, or interacting with a bunch of teen punks in detention, every encounter is a thrill and another chance to be the most dyingest character in the party.

80’s References. This product is packed full of 80’s references that even the younger D&D will probably appreciate. The Brunch Club, Ricky Roll, and Beetle Juice are just a of several excellent 80’s easter eggs you’ll love to hate, and will make you either laugh or groan. Either way, the nostalgia will hit hard and you’ll have a blast from the past!

Playlist. Each location and encounter comes with a curated 80’s song to play, making you both the most respected DM your players have ever met, and the most hated person at the table. “Banana Boat (Day-O)”, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”, and “Never Gonna Give You Up” are just three of the nearly two dozen songs on the playlist, all linked and accessible through spotify. All excellent picks, all hilariously nostalgic, and all guaranteed to help make this one of the best sessions you’ve ever had at the table.

What Didn’t

Seriousness. If you haven’t realized it already, this adventure is anything but serious. It trivializes death, is full of easter eggs, and exists almost solely to get drunk on laughs (and maybe alcohol). If you take DnD too seriously, this probably isn’t for you. Everyone else can revel in ridiculous goodness that is Weekend at Strahd’s while you go theory craft in corner.

Must Have

Weekend at Strahd’s is one of the most refreshing and comical products to ever hit the DMs Guild. It is a Must Have and rated 5 Stars. Seriously, everyone should play this… even if they’ve never played Curse of Strahd! You can pick it up by clicking on the picture below.