Compilation Review: Undermountain Lost Chambers (Pyromaniac Press): 5 Stars

Compilation Review: Undermountain Lost Chambers (Pyromaniac Press): 5 Stars

November 28, 2018 0 By Realmwarp Media
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Crafted by 7 of the guild’s best authors, the compilation features strange environments, bizzarre creatures, epic villains, ancient secrets, and the dreaded Undermountain Water Purification and Sanitation system. 


When 7 of the guild’s best authors come together on anything, a project is not only expected to be flawless, but captivating, innovative, and valuable. Undermountain: The Lost Chambers delivers on all these promises and more. Each of these 11 adventures are professionally done, and are sure to be a hit for any table. At 78 quality pages, this work is well worth the dozens of hours of content it presents. There are adventures for levels 3 through 13.

What Worked

Instead of saying what worked (nearly everything), I want to mention my two favorite adventures of the bunch.

UWPS – Undermountain Water Purification & Sanitation, by Alex Clippinger, uses two of my favorite low-level creatures: modrons, and lizardfolk. Players must make their way through literal shit-storms, as they progress through the sanitation department of the undermountain. Combine this with an eccentric gnome and the ability to solve the problem various ways, and you have a well crafted adventure for a level 6 party.

Of Two Minds, by Christopher Walz, implements illithids and intellect devourers in a truly creepy adventure that will test the characters mental, physical, and social abilities. If you like modules that boarder on horror, this one is for you. You’ll get a decent amount of level appropriate treasure from it, as well.

What Didn’t

There are some reviews where I have to search hard to find anything negative to say, but there are two areas I would offer as “weaknesses” for The Lost Chambers.

First, there doesn’t seem to be any indication concerning how long each adventure should take. While it seems that some may take one session to complete, other’s will probably take multiple sessions–but there is no way to be sure. In future updates, this feature might be nice.

Secondly, these modules are all slightly limited in the sense that they are all “undermountain dungeon” based. These aren’t modules you would use while your players are wandering the wilderness or in a town. Still, it’s likely every DM will have at least one session in the underdark or similar environments, so this factor isn’t really that limiting.

Must Have

This book has, probably, nearly 48 hours of play time over the course of 11 adventures. This compendium is rated 5 Stars and is tagged as Must Have. Based on the play time, quality of content, and production value, this is well worth the value. Don’t miss out, pick it up by clicking on the picture below:

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