Resource Review: Quest Spells (Dungeon Rollers): 4.5 Stars

Resource Review: Quest Spells (Dungeon Rollers): 4.5 Stars

February 17, 2019 0 By Realmwarp Media

Granted by a deity, either to carry out their will or at the request of the beneficiary, these spells can change the very makeup of the world. A quest spell can never be used selfishly, as the deities will not allow this, and can only be once, often to turn the tide of an epic struggle. As such quest spells are not like other spells, and are mostly used to protect the sacred lands of a deity, or in a situation that will affect the realm.


Quest Spells is the latest in short, high quality player-facing supplements from Dungeon Rollers. These spells are an excellent way to introduce the benefits of faith and a means of rewarding players who engage in quality roleplaying with their characters. While relatively narrow in their use, quest spells can be a thrilling, game-changing method of rewarding your players and ensuring that they stay deeply invested in a world where the gods can alter reality. Even in a low magic setting, these quest spells could be used as one of the few ways that magic shapes the world. It is an excellent supplement to have stashed in your library to bring out when needed.

What Worked

The Concept. In converting this concept from 2e, Dungeon Rollers has brought the richness of one of the most popular editions forward into 5e. The concept of Quest Spells is to reward a player for their faith, and is emblematic of a world where the gods and their faithful are highly involved. So involved, in fact, that they can change the landscape of the world the characters inhabit. Not only is this useful as a strategic tool for the players to utilize at the right moment, but it is a tangible and efficacious way to reward good roleplaying. No longer will that lawful good paladin be annoying to no effect. No longer will a cleric who stops for daily prayers be seen as a hindrance to the party. Such roleplaying nuances can now have a beneficial effect that DMs can reward.

The Spells. These spells are pretty powerful (which is why they’re available mostly at high levels), and when used, most of them would elicit table-wide “wow”. Two of my favorites are implosion/inversion which allows you to literally destroy a person if they fail a Constitution save, and reversion which rewinds time and is a powerful healing and status reversal spell. These are just two of my favorite examples of narratively rich and mechanically powerful spells that are self-balanced by use and availability.

What Didn’t

It’s Niche. The only real problem with this supplement is that it has a relatively narrow use. It’s only applicable in 3rd and 4th tier play, with spell casting modifiers of 17 and over. Add to this the fact that you usually have to complete a side quest to receive the spell, and I can understand why some DM’s may be concerned about how much use they will get out this supplement. It will not be used as frequently as some other supplements. Still, for the price and quality, every DM should have this in their library to bring out when they want to reward their players.

Highly Recommended

Quest Spells is a fun, high quality supplement that we think everyone should have in their library. We’re giving it 4.5 Stars and making it Highly Recommended, for the price it’s worth it to keep in your library and pull out to amazing effects.  If you like and want to support our reviews, click on the picture below if you want to buy the product: