Guide Review: Ghesh’s Guide to Making Things (Anne Gregersen): 5 Stars

Guide Review: Ghesh’s Guide to Making Things (Anne Gregersen): 5 Stars

October 21, 2019 0 By Realmwarp Media

By carefully working and modifying your armor and weapons, you can improve upon its quality, granting it new, foe-crushing benefits.


Ghesh’s Guide to Making Things is the latest guide from the inimitable Anne Gregersen, a master craftsperson herself when it comes to introducing sleek new mechanics to the game. In the vein of her Monster Loot series, Anne introduces a simplistic yet nearly all-encompassing system to upgrade armor, craft new weapons, and even bombs. Including new metals, components harvested from monsters, and a vast “masterwork mechanic”, this product is the de facto guide to making things every adventurer needs.

What Worked

Production Quality. To Ghesh’s Guide to Making Things, Anne Gregersen brings all her consistency of beautiful art and stunning layout which she has exemplified over the past year. The stunning cover is only the first breath of quality, is so engaging and captivating as to bring the entire guide to life. Even the table of contents, while seemingly compact, flows in such a way as to draw the eye naturally and smoothly through the page. The whole product is a pleasure to behold.

Mechanical Simplicity. As with all her products, Anne’s system is incredibly easy to follow and allows for easy incorporation and fast play at the table. Involving very little math, a character can quickly use this system to craft or modify amazing items without slowing down play, and the beautifully arranged tables make it easy to find what you’re looking for. This system is a joy to play.

New Materials. This product enhances some of the metals and materials that have previously only had minor mechanical or thematic importance. Weapons made of adamantine, for example, always score a critical when they hit, and armor made of azurite grants advantage on saving throws against magic. Beware, because the benefits for these new materials are steep, so are the prices!

Weapon and Armor Mods. Anne provides dozens of weapon and armor mods of various tiers for just about every play style. Though they are too numerous to name, they range from the basic climbing spikes and venomous to invulnerable and elemental edge. The gold cost to mechanical benefit of these mods are generally very balanced, and you cannot make the higher tiered mods until you reach a higher level, so it’s naturally balanced that way as well.

Bombs. These bombs are probably my favorite part of the whole guide, and are the best, most simply executed version of bombs I’ve across various products. Anne even includes optional rules for unstable bombs… a fun, chaotic, and dangerous way to add a boom to your sessions. While most of these bombs duplicate combat effects, some very unique ones, such as the “voicebox bomb”, recreate non-combat spell effects and are great roleplay options.

What Didn’t

Crafting Time. If I have one complaint about this product is that its mechanics are more geared toward the long rest time frame rather than the “downtime” time frames of days, weeks, or months. The simplest armor modifications take as little as 4 hours, while the longest takes 30 days. The average seems to be right around 2-3 days, which means many characters could really crank out a lot of items if the DM allows them. This is by no means game breaking, but campaigns that utilize long periods of downtime may want to modify how long these items take to craft.

Must Have

Anne Gregersen’s Ghesh’s Guide to Making Things is one of the best iterations of crafting guide the guild has seen. It is rated an easy 5 Stars and is a must have for just about every table. DM’s will love its simplicity, Players will love its options. You can pick it up by clicking on the picture below.