• 1. Product Reviews
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  • 1. Why Does DM Level Up Do Reviews?

    We believe that doing product reviews for various TTRPGs fits into the second and third partsof our mission statement:


    For the Content Creator: We are here to partner with you. Reviews, Sharing, and Promotion: through our facebook, twitter (@RealmwarpM) , and our website (ttlevelup.com) we want to get the word about the amazing things you are producing!

    For the Community: Whether its on our DMlevelup forum, here on our facebook page, or on our twitter, we want to provide a space to share, ask advice, and geek out.

    We aim to promote quality products of creators, as well as provide the best materials for DMs to run their games, and for players to enjoy.

    It's also how we generate a bit of revenue to keep our site going!



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  • 2. What Are the Review Requirements?

    In general, we prefer to review products that meet the following qualities:

    1) Monetizable: Products should be sold for a price so we can use our affiliate connections to make a modest referral income. For DMsguild, this money comes from WotC, not out of the pocket of the author/creators.

    2) Newer-ish: We prefer newly released products, or older products that are not yet best sellers. Our goal is to help creators get the word out about their "less-loved" work.

    3) Quality: We prefer works that we can, in good conscience, encourage the reader to purchase. If a work is submitted that is not to our quality standards, we will privately converse with the creators to help them make a more appealing, higher quality product before we review it.

    4) Complimentary Copy: When possible, we prefer a complimentary copy. This allows us to be a verified purchaser, and allows us to base the review on the most updated copy the buyer's are getting.

    Occasionally we make exceptions to any or all of these preferences. We love working with "repeat" authors, and it's not "all about the money" for us.

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  • 3. What Advantages Are There To Getting My Product Reviewed?

    Consider the following:

    1) Feedback: We try to find "something wrong" with every review--even if it's just a personal preference. This allows you help make this, and other, products even better, hopefully increasing your sales.

    2) Viewership: As our viewer numbers increase, the eyes on your products, and amount of subsequent sales, will increase. We try to aggressively promote our reviews on twitter and facebook, and will repost reviews during special sales, publication anniversaries, and other applicable times.

    3) Credibility: Receiving a review, especially a professional one, lends credibility to you and your product. Reviewed products are more likely to get sales, and happy customers are more likely to buy your other products, even if they are not reviewed.

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  • 4. What "Creator Etiquette" Should I Follow?

    When submitting a review to us, please consider the following:

    1) Preferred Reqs: Does your product meet our preferred requirements for the products we review? If not, are you looking to continue working with us on future products, or have we done projects for you in the past?

    2) Can You Wait? Sometimes we are more backed up than others, and we only have a single review writer, web designer, content creator, and marketer. While we try to get your review out in a couple days, wait times for longer products, or for backed up seasons, can be between 2-4 weeks. We thank you for your patience.

    3) Be Our Partner, Not Our Customer. We aim to aggressively market your work, but you should be the primary marketer. Please share our reviews as much as possible, even if its among a list of other reviews. Consider copying our affiliate link as well when sharing our product. Partners who have allowed us to review multiple works will find us driving a significant amount of traffic to their various products and websites.

    4) Follow/Interact on Social Media: Following us on facebook (@realmwarpmedia) and twitter (@realmwarpM), and occasionally interacting with us or sharing our posts will, in the long run, help more people see your work.

    We aim for a symbiotic partnership, help us help you!

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  • 5. Why Are Most Your Reviews DnD 5e?

    We *are* willing to review anything from any system, as long as it meets our requirements. So far DnD 5e content, especially that sold on the DMs Guild is primarily what we've pursued/accepted because it's the most popular content as well as easily monetizable.

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  • 6. Can I "Appeal" A Review?

    We try to be as honest as possible with our reviews, which includes finding a "weakness" in every single product--because no product is truly perfect.

    If your review was published, it means you realistically received a good review and we've encouraged people to buy your products.

    However, we realize that sometimes our reviews may show bias or a misunderstanding of the intention of the work. Occasionally we are willing to edit, update, or retract various statements, and we welcome inquiries for such things.

    In general, we maintain that no review is a bad review.

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  • 7. How do I submit a review?

    If you have a product you wish us to review, please reach out to us via facebook (@RealmwarpMedia), Twitter (@RealmwarpM) or through our .com gmail (Realmwarpmedia@), to make sure we are taking reviews and our prediction about turn around time. Complimentary copies must be sent to our email.

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  • 1. Subscriptions
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  • 1. Why Should I Subscribe?

    Your levelup subscription determines everything you can do on the site. Guests (people who aren't subscribed) can't post on the forum, though you will be able to read. Guests also cannot create buddypress profiles!

    Don't worry--you don't have to pay if you don't want to. Our free Copper level subscription gives you access to the forum and allows you to make a profile. If you're not a content creator and prefer to mostly "lurk" on the site. Copper is a good fit.

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  • 2. Can I Update My Subscription?

    You can upgrade your subscription at any time by following these directions:

    1) Make sure you are logged in

    2) Click the Subscribe tab (located under the Connect menu).

    3) Click on View Details

    4) Click the Upgrade button

    5) Select the new subscription you want.

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  • 3. Can I Cancel/Refund My Subscription?

    You can cancel or abandon at any time:

    Cancel: Your subscription will not be renewed, but will continue until it is scheduled to run out.

    Abandon: Your subscription is cancelled immediately.

    Refund Policy

    Realmwarp Media is founded on the principle of customer happiness. If you buy a subscription of any kind, and are unhappy with it, you can Contact Us for a refund within 7 Days, for any reason.

    If your subscription is terminated or suspended because you've violated our terms of service, you are not entitled to a refund.

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  • 1. Contributors
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  • 1. What is a Contributor?

    A contributor is someone who has a demonstrable portfolio of quality content which concerns table top games: streaming, supplements, blog posts, etc.

    They share their content through their personal TTlevelup profiles, blog posts, and the forum. This drives content to our site and to their products.

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  • 2. Why Should I Become A Contributor?

    Contributors get "pride of place" in product placement on the site. They receive free platinum memberships (priority forum posts, featured membership, etc.), and have their products pushed on the Store (still in development), on the facebook group, and through appropriate blog posts.

    Other revenue streams can be discussed on an individual basis.

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  • 3. How Do I Become A Contributor?

    Inquiries can be sent to us through our google.com email (realmwarpmedia), facebook messages (@realmwarpMedia) or through our Contact Us form.

    Contributors should be willing to commit to the following:

    1) Maintaining up to date information on their buddypress profiles.

    2) Promoting their work through Realmwarp Media channels, in addition to any other private marketing channels they have.

    3) Promoting ttlevelup.com through occasional mentions, retweets, etc.

    4) Contributing blog posts, forum conversations, or other ttlevelup.com exclusive content at a frequency to be determined at time of inquiry.

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